• Companion Kitten inquires: Please e-mail or phone us for the most current information on the
    gender, age and color of available pet kittens and adolescents.  We occasionally have adult cats (1
    to 3 years old) for sale after they have been neutered. Some of these cats have already earned their
    Championship, Premier, Grand Championship, or Grand Premier title, which is a great way to
    purchase a beautiful show quality British Shorthair at a reduced price.

  • Kitten Prices:  Companion kittens are $750 and sold with a neuter / spay agreement. Call for special
    pricing on adolescent and retired adult cats (both pet and show quality).  Kittens with breeding
    rights are available to select homes only (prices $1200 to $1500).

  • Deposits:   If you are interested in a kitten of a certain color and/or gender you will be placed on a
    waiting list if none is available. If there is an available kitten, a non-refundable $250 deposit is
    required to hold the kitten until it is ready to go home. We reserve the right to withdraw an offer of
    sale with a refund of the deposit.

  • Age kittens can go home: The earliest kittens can go to their new homes is between 3 to 4 months of
    age. This allows them to be completely weaned from their mother and insures that they are not
    separated too quickly, which can effect their temperament and health. At this age they are also
    becoming more independent and will attach quickly to their human companions.

  • Contract: All kittens are sold with a written contract and health guarantee. If a pet kitten is not
    already neutered at the time of sale, a written neuter/spay agreement is required. Kittens must be
    neutered/spayed between 8 to 10 months of age, MAY NOT be de-clawed, and must be kept in-doors
    (Click this link to see a copy of our pet sales contract).  

  • Vaccinations and health: Kittens are sold free of parasites and fungus. Before leaving the cattery for
    their new home, all Kittens are wormed (with Pyran-50) and vaccinated against feline rhinotracheitis,
    calici virus, and panleukopenia (feline distemper).  We use the Fort Dodge Fel-O-Vax PCT killed
    virus vaccine.  We believe in minimal vaccinations as the kitten’s immune system is naturally
    acquired from the mother during the nursing stage. There is a current trend among many
    veterinarians to over-vaccinate. This is simply not necessary for indoor cats and can be dangerous
    for kittens. We do not recommend rabies vaccinations, however if you wish to vaccinate against
    rabies due to state or local law requirements, we ask that you wait until the kitten is at least one
    year old. We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE vaccination against FeLV, FIV, or FIP  (this will also void our
    health guarantee) since it is very dangerous for a kitten and our cattery is FeLV and FIV negative.
    Studies have shown that the feline leukemia vaccine, as well as the rabies vaccination, has
    sometimes been associated with injection site sarcomas (cancer at the injection site). We do not
    vaccinate against FIP because the effectiveness of this vaccine is still strongly debated (and in
    about 2% of cases, the virus from the vaccine mutates to a lethal form that can kill the cat or kitten).
    The most effective protection against FeLV, FIV, and FIP is to keep your cat indoors with no contact
    with outside cats (one of our contract requirements).

  • Shipping: Due to the inherent risks to kittens flying in cargo, we do not ship any kittens under 6
    months of age. Kittens under 6 months must be picked up in person and flown home with their new
    owner in-cabin (or transported by car).  Kittens 6 months and older can be shipped in cargo only if
    Continental Airlines is booked as the shipper. We have found through experience that Continental
    is by far the best airline for safely shipping animals.

  • Shipping Charges: Continental currently charges approximately $210 to ship one cat and carrier over
    10 lbs. This includes the airline shipping charge and the airport fuel and security surcharges. The
    buyer is also responsible for the following additional charges: $30 for an airline approved carrier;
    and $40 for a required health certificate and rabies vaccination. The buyer must remit all shipping
    and associated costs to the seller before the kitten is shipped.