Grand Champion, Grand Premier Divine Design H'Archangel
GC Divine Design T-Squarerigger x  GC Divine Design L'Archangel
H'Arc was named after her mother, GC Divine Design
L'Archangel and because she was born right before
Christmas. She inherited her mother's quiet and
sweet disposition, very dense coat and incredible
body type. Following in her mother's footsteps H'Arc
was awarded the Best British Shorthair breed win for
the 2007-2008 show season, the year after L'Arc won
the same award.

She is the quintessential teddy bear. Judges
comment on how adorable and cuddly she is. To see
this mother/daughter duet is like looking at a mirror
image. They are both reserved, regal, and a pleasure
to live with.  
H'Arc at 5 months
baby H'Arc at 4 weeks
H'Arc in Judge Bob Zenda's kitten final
Best British Shorthair / Gulfshore Region 2007-2008