About Us
Divine Design cattery has always been a family hobby that includes our daughter
Rachel, and intrepid son Joshua in California. Our goal is to always breed to the
British Shorthair standard. Nonetheless, we also believe that temperament and health
are critical, so they have equal emphasis in our program. Our secondary emphasis is
breeding and placing the consummate companion cat that is a joy to live with. We
breed the typical gorgeous blues and also specialize in bi-colors, calicoes, reds,
blacks and creams, but all kittens are received with great fanfare and love.

As young adults Vincent and I were strictly "dog people,"  Great Danes particularly.
Then we saw a British Shorthair cat on the cover of a magazine and knew instinctively
that we had found our breed. We bought our first British from Christine Broughton of
Beaufort Cattery, one of the four major foundation catteries responsible for the
introduction of this glorious breed to the U.S. We showed in California and Hawaii (our
home state) before taking a break to raise our children, show Great Danes, and begin
our long-term academic pursuits. So we have owned British Shorthairs for over 25
years. It is the only breed that we have ever had.

Eight years ago we decided to become active again in the cat fancy. Though we still
had our British, we decided that we wanted a new cattery name. After some lively
family discussions and voting, we unanimously chose "Divine Design." As Christians
we concluded that this name most reflected our belief that these incredibly beautiful
animals did not happen by chance, but came about by a purposeful, creative Hand.
Every one of our cats, no matter what color or pattern, is unique, a blueprint unto itself.
Even our solid blues have distinguishing features that set them apart. They are proof
that when you find the perfect breed that suits you and your family, you will always
look at them as if seeing them for the first time.

Attending shows is a joyous family activity for us because it is a place to marvel at the
variety and beauty of not only our breath-taking British Shorthairs, but all the other
exquisite breeds as well. Because we think it is imperative for British females to be
represented on the show circuit, we are directing a lot of our energy to showing and
granding typey females. This is becoming a hallmark of our cattery, as well as our
emphasis on sweet, open expressions and dynamic copper eyes (and of course a
dense, plush coat). The show hall and the pet home will benefit equally by our
philosophy of breeding.